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Seul Lee

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Hi, I'm Seul Lee.
A Graphic & UX/UI Designer.

I'm currently enrolled in 3rd year of Global Business and Digital Arts in University of Waterloo. This program allowed me to explore and develop my skills in UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design and Business Studies.

I am a highly responsible, organized and detail-oriented person. I have strong passion towards creativity and learning new knowledge because these allowed me to make effective choices and . I love new challenges which make me overcome my limit, develop new abilities and be more professional.

If you'd like to know little more about me, visit me on Behance, my username is 27seullee.


MapleKey | 2016.09

Website Design, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, Sponsorship Packages, Logos, Business Cards
Team Members:
Seul Lee, Calvin Zheng

MapleKey is a startup company which supports integral of innovative technology into homeless shelters, and providing safety, security, and privacy to any citizen in need.

As a designer of MapleKey, I wanted to deliver overall nuiance of affability, nature and coziness for the first impression of MapleKey. Since my client wanted to have emphasis on green and nature, I chose green colour scheme with a hint of warm tone.

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YMCA img

YMCA of Greater Saint John | 2016.09

Logos, Poster Design, Print Design
YMCA of Greater Saint John

YMCA of Greater Saint John is a charity dedicated to strengthening the foundations of community with 1,000 volunteers and staff to serve more than 35,000 people across the Greater Saint John.

As a graphic designer of YMCA Newcomer Connections, I designed logos for events and programs that is minimal, meaningful and eye catching. Having YMCA branding in mind, I utilized simplicity and friendliness into designs since target audiences are newcomers in Saint John.

Hack the North 2016 | 2016.09

Team Members:
Elias Haroun, Seul Lee, Jeremy Melnyk
Mobile App Design, UX/UI Design, Argumented Reality
Hack the North 2016

Hack the North event held by University of Waterloo is a biggest hackathon event in Canada. More than thousands of students come along from all around the world at the University of Waterloo to connect, enjoy and try out their creative ideas and skills in 36 hours.

Our app is called DyslexiLens, and it scans text from the camera's video feed in real time, edits it, and re-displays the dyslexia formatted version on the screen. It's quick, extremely simple to use, and makes it easier to read tough sentences or words on the fly. My design focus was on user friendliness and simmplicity since the app is for the people with dyslexia to enjoy their reading with less difficulties.

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Stratford Police Services | 2016.04

Team Members:
Seul Lee, Savannah Pluzak, Subul Wasi, Rory Whelan, Janelle Williams
School Project:
Website Design, UX/UI Design, Mobile App Design, Social Media Strategy
Stratford Police Services

Our team were asked to re-design Stratford Police Service Website and to design upcoming mobile app for citizen. Before we designed website and mobile app, we conducted competitive and client analysis, made user personas, stakeholder maps for the client, used several UX methods and came up with the social media strategy. Before finalizing website and mobile application, we completed usability testing and we delivered project portfolio.

As a designer and a front-end developer, I created style tiles and mood boards to keep the consistency between communications of designers and to have a branding guideline. I utilized my HTML and CSS skills to build the website. My focus of the website was on accessability for that all citizen in the city of Stratford can use easily.

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Since young, I had passion towards creativity and through illustrations and digital art works, I continued to develop my visual illustration skills.

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I am currently looking for creative projects. I am sure this would be a new challenge, fun and exciting opportunity.